Ep.18 – Joey Montes and Juliet Green

Joey Montes
Juliet Green
Once in every while there comes a podcast like this, it’s starts nice and sober and ends up … well … quite a bit less than sober. Welcome to Drunk Broadway where we discuss cocktails and jazz hands with a fanatical passion. My guests for this episode are Joey Montes and Juliet Green. Joey and I shared the stage in Miss Saigon and Young Frankenstein. You can’t help but want to be around Joey, due to his huge heart, welcoming smile, and wonderful talent. Juliet was my Lady of the Lake in Spamalot. It was an absolute pleasure to listen to her sing every night, and watch her make that role uniquely hers. FYI: Juliet has two fantastic jazz albums (Simple and Think About It) available just about everywhere you can buy music. In this episode, we discuss theatre horror stories, what makes for a successful production, odd special skills on your resume, and Juliet brought a fun game called “One Wrong Letter.”