Ep.16 – Betsy Kruse Craig and Glenna Murillo

Betsy Kruse Craig
Glenna Murillo
It’s more than you, it is more than me. No matter what we are, we are a family here on Drunk Broadway, where we discuss cocktails and jazz hands with a fanatical passion. My guests for this episode are Betsy Kruse Craig and Glenna Murillo. Betsy and I were (ahem … are) family because of a production of Addams Family a few years back. She is the Artistic Director of Pear Theatre (thepear.org), a dedicated director, a passionate performer, and I can’t wait to share the stage with her again. Glenna is someone that I have fanboyed over for years. Her voice, her undeniable presence, and her comedic timing are all devine. I’m honored to have both of these fierce ladies on the show. In this episode we discuss the difficulty of choosing a season of shows, the near impossible task of balancing life and theatre, protecting yourself when playing dramatic characters, and we play a round of Musicals Against Humanity.