Ep.10 – Sasha Motalygo and Dave Leon

Sasha Motalygo
Dave Leon

Some folks dream of the wonders they’ll do before their time on this planet is through, and some just drink and talk about theatre. Welcome to Drunk Broadway where we discuss cocktails and jazz hands with a fanatical passion. My guests for this episode are Sasha Motalygo and Dave Leon. Sasha is a force of nature on stage with a voice and personality that you can’t help but love. Sasha is also the composer and performer of the Drunk Broadway theme song! As for Dave … well … he is the reason I have a lead pipe in my trunk for callbacks. He’s a wonderful performer, and I’m thrilled he was able to join us for a drink and conversation. In the episode we discuss stage horror stories, roles that you would play forever, we play a round of Would You Rather, and workshop a few SciFi musicals!