Ep.20 – Couples in Theatre with Bryan Moriarty and Vanessa Alvarez

Vanessa Alvarez
Brian Moriarty
My guests for this episode are friends of show Byan Moriarty and Vanessa Alvarez. This beautiful couple is engaged to be married and somehow still find time for full-time jobs and theatre careers. In this episode, we discuss what it means to be a couple in theatre, how shows are chosen, how schedules are synchronized, and figuring out who does the chores when you’re both in rehearsal.

Ep.19 – 3D Cabaret with David Mister, David Murphy, and Dave Leon

David Mister
David Murphy
Dave Leon
My name is Joey McDaniel and I am your host for Drunk Broadway where we discuss cocktails and jazz hands with a fanatical passion. My guests for this episode are David Mister, David Murphy, and Dave Leon. These three fine gentlemen are starring in 3D Cabaret at the Pear Theatre in Mountain View on March 2nd and March 3rd. Pick up your tickets now! In this episode we discuss the song selection process, the egos (or lack thereof), the cabaret rehearsal process, and what it means to create a night of fun with good friends.