Ep.7 – Bryan Moriarty and Mike Saenz

Bryan Moriarty
Mike Saenz

My guests for this episode are Bryan Moriarty and Mike Saenz. Bryan is a fellow proud geek, a passionate theatre kid, and a wonderful man. Mike and I have shared the stage twice in Chicago and Miss Saigon where he broke my heart nightly, and I’m a better man for knowing him. In this episode we discuss Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark (and the conversation isn’t as negative as you think), the night Mike literally kicked himself in the face, and we play a game of “What’s the Connection?”.

Ep.6 – Walter Mayes and Marc Gonzalez

Marc Gonzalez
Walter Mayes

Good Morning Baltimore and everywhere else, welcome to Drunk Broadway, where we discuss cocktails and jazz hands with a fanatical passion. My guests for this episode are Walter Mayes and Marc Gonzalez. Marc and I performed in Chicago a few years ago directed by the great Janie Scott. We share a Fresno history as jacket owning members of the Good Company Players, and I’m honored to call him my friend. Walter, the local legend, is a master storyteller, and thankfully he forgave my stalking nature by agreeing to be my friend. In this episode, we discuss what melts a football jock’s heart, why Grease is a DIRTY show, fanboy over Heather Orth, and play a round of Soulmate, Showmance, and Cyanide.

Ep.5 – Rhamesis Muncada

My guest on this very special “On Tour” episode is Rhamesis Muncada. Rhamesis is a musician, a theatre patron, and one of my favorite humans. We discuss his history with musical theatre, his recent visit to New York, and Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Puerto Rico disaster relief song “Almost Like Praying.”

Ep.4 – Paul Naas

We have magic to do on today’s episode of Drunk Broadway, where we discuss cocktails and jazz hands with a fanatical passion. My guest on this episode is Paul Naas, a professor, an animator, and a dear friend. It was important to me from the beginning of Drunk Broadway to get everyone’s perspective on theatre. I want to talk to the audience, the crew, the front office, everyone. In this episode, Paul and I discuss why Spamalot and Sunset Blvd aren’t as good as you think they are, the history of Disney during the early Disneyfication of Broadway, and we play a theatre version of Marry Fuck Kill named Soulmate, Showmance, and Cyanide.